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Sam Luna has been writing music and touring since 2005.

Born in Tuba City, AZ, he began creating music in Kenosha, WI, with the help of J. Hardin and Rogers Randle Jr. He spent the next few years living and playing in Los Angeles, CA, and North County, San Diego, CA. He moved back to the midwest and began recording his first demos with Greg Jackson Combs in Chicago, IL, moved to Los Angeles, CA, and worked with Zambricki Li, and then to Encinitas, CA, to work with Kellen Malloy. In 2010, he met Aaron Duesterhoeft and began recording at SecondHand Studios. They completed their debut album, "Under Construction", in 2013, and the follow up, "Subject To Change", in 2015. Sam spent the next three years recording and touring with a duet project, FEATherWOLF, featuring Shaun Marie. They spent time touring Central America. Sam is currently working on a new album

and tour with Billy Bronsted. Through his non profit organization Hopes & Dreams Foundation of Wisconsin Sam Luna is working to use music and art to help raise money for mental health, art education and basic needs of communities both locally in North East Wisconsin and across borders.


Vocals, Guitar / Sam Luna
Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Banjo / Aaron Duesterhoeft
Vocals, Keys / Chadwick Johnson
Vocals, Drums, Bass, Mandolin, Guitar / Andy James Welsch

Vocals / Xoe Wise

Vocals / Shaun Marie

Saxophone / Rogers Randle Jr

Saxaphone / Ross Catterton

Trumpet, Flugelhorn / George Andrew Pelton

Drums, Percussion / Mike Underwood 

Drums / The Ric

Stand-up Bass / Andrew Mertens

Bass / Jon Wheelock

Guitar / Sly Joe

Guitar / Greg Jackson Combs

Guitar / Bill Grasley

Guitar / Rob Anthony

Guitar / Sam Farrell

Guitar / Aaron Zepplin

Violin / Alana Voldman

Violin / Adria Ramos

Cello / Steven Mui

Cello / Chris Stavrou


Photos by Melissa Greenwood

 Zoe Rain

   Aaron Nace

      Dean Bradshaw